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Why Ctrlflow Insights?

Developers spent hours every week on fixing bugs or reading source code to understand how to reuse existing software components. Ctrlflow Insights leverages the power of static code analysis and machine learning to save your developers from such tedious tasks and allows them to focus on building high-quality software in less time.

Ctrlflow Insights code mining platform

For Team Leaders

Efficient onboarding of new team members

Every new team member is also new to your codebase and thus has to learn all the little details about its internals before becoming fully productive. This training phase may take up to six months. Ctrlflow helps to shorten the training process by efficiently teaching new team members about important internals and API contracts as they go.

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Ctrlflow Insights – Efficient and cheap onboarding of new team members

Pays off in weeks

Small price but high cost savings. Ctrlflow saves your developers hours of browsing documentation and reading source code. Ask your devs how much time they think they could save per week and do the math. Ctrlflow achieves break-even when it saves your devs 58 seconds per day, or 5 minutes per week. *

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* based on net cost per developer of 50€/hour

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Developer net cost: € / hour

Time savings: minutes / week

For Developers

Master large codebases with ease

Nowadays, even simple tasks frequently involve multiple APIs. Too many to keep all their nitty-gritty details in mind all the time. Ctrlflow’s intelligent content assist and API Explorer help developers remember API contracts and common code patterns quickly and whenever needed.

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Ctrlflow Insights – Master large codebases with ease

For Admins

Easy installation and low operating costs

Once set up, Ctrlflow Insights runs all code analyses and mining jobs in background every night. Each morning, your developers then get the latest bits of knowledge about your codebase.

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Ctrlflow Insights – Easy installation and low operating costs
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Used by more than 3 Mio Java Developers

Ctrlflow Insights powers Eclipse Code Recommenders with recommendations for thousands of Open Source libraries

Ctrlflow Insights speeds up your development, generates key insights into your code, and makes working on challenging tasks a pleasure again

70% of all software developers classify themselves as self-taught. 44% say they learn what’s needed on the job.

— Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016

77 % developers prefer code search and code inspections to learn about reusable software components.

— Bauer et al. An Exploratory Study on Reuse at Google. SER&IPs 2014

Developers spent 51% of their time reading source code and documentation.

— Ko et al. An Exploratory Study of How Developers Seek, Relate, and Collect Relevant Information during Software Maintenance Tasks. IEEE TSE vol. 32, no. 12, 2006

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