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Ctrlflow revolutionizes searching for Java code snippets in Eclipse. Powerful features make software development more productive – and your life as a developer easier.

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Search simplified. For Java developers.

Searching for and analyzing code snippets is tiresome and takes up more than half of a Java developer’s time. But with Ctrlflow, that’s all history.

Ctrlflow is lightning fast

The plugin returns results within milliseconds, right in the Eclipse IDE. Context-sensitive algorithms automatically detect the issue at hand and suggest relevant queries at the click of a button.

Ctrlflow is clear

The search results are structured cleanly and displayed clearly thanks to comprehensive filter and sorting features. The integrated preview enables you to view all the snippets, including the surrounding code, immediately.

Ctrlflow is local global

Ctrlflow analyzes and indexes your entire local workspace. And you can expand your search to include code snippets for popular libraries like JavaFX, Google Guava and the Eclipse platform.

Currently searchable
Java code snippets:


Find code snippets. Lightning fast and always a step ahead.

Ctrlflow provides fast and powerful code search for Java developers. Whether you need snippets for method arguments or references to methods, or you’re looking for particular strings in the code, Ctrlflow returns results in milliseconds and even includes expressions, type casts and string literals.

As soon as you start typing your search query, context-sensitive algorithms begin analyzing the code environment at the current cursor position. This enables Ctrlflow to recognize what’s important to you and present all the relevant code snippets — in real-time.

Ctrlflow Code Search – context-sensitive algorithms

All the search results at a glance. Starting with the ones that matter most.

Ctrlflow displays even large quantities of results in a clear and easily understandable way. Frequently-used code snippets are easy to spot thanks to the many aggregation options. And the powerful filter and sorting functions enable you to sort the results not just by project, package or class but also according to the frequency and usage of the expressions.

With Ctrlflow’s integrated preview feature you can immediately view all the snippets, including the surrounding code, all without a separate editor or cluttering your screen with additional windows.

Ctrlflow Code Search – Clustering results in a clear and easily understandable way

Code search directly in Eclipse. And far beyond.

Ctrlflow analyzes and indexes the codebase of your whole development environment. But that’s not all. You can also include thousands of code snippets for popular libraries in your search. Ctrlflow finds them with breathtaking speed as well. The software delivers code snippets that other developers have successfully used with the current framework.

Currently supported libraries include Mockito, Hamcrest, Apache Commons I/O, Apache HttpComponents, JavaFX, Google Guava, and the Eclipse platform.

Ctrlflow Code Search – Code snippets for popular libraries

Ctrlflow finds exactly the code snippets that Java developers search for. Lightning fast and with powerful filter and sorting features. Right in Eclipse.

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